We are creating currently ERUTAN.
ERUTAN is a collective
under construction with non-humans 
and humans on Lenapehoking, Lower Manhattan, NYC.
We engage in empowering Lenapehoking 
in Lower Manhattan, NYC.

All future actions will be published
on this site,
so please come back and follow us.


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Land Acknowledgment

ERUTAN Acknowledges The Unceded Territories Of The Lenape Known Today As New Jersey & New York City Originate From The Indigenous Populations That Once Inhabited And Cultivated The Area, As Far As Manahatta And It’s Collective Five Boroughs.

In As Much As All Lenape Nations Inhabited The Region Encompassing Manhattan, We Acknowledge The Courage And Sacrifice Of The Lenape Ancestors.

We Give Full Recognition To Their Contributions And Offer Words Of Honor To Their Memory. Our Pledge In This Moment Is To Shift From Unconscious Bias To Conscious Reverence And Goodwill.

Subsequently, In Uniting And Extending Homage To The Tribal Peoples Who Have Stayed On This Lenapehoking Land And Endured A Quiet Genocide, We Are Witness To The Emergence Of A Renaissance Of The Lunaape People Who Has Remained Steadfast To This New Light.